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Posted on 24 Oct 2012 In: DJ culture

Updates Coming Soon!

Dr. Pokoly and El Ridiculoso team have received a lot of inquires concerning new mixes, events and blog updates. Please be patient…things are in motion.

Posted on 30 Nov 2011 In: Video

ROMAN FLUGEL- dishes and wishes

Tasty stuff from Roman Flugel!

The El Ridiculoso event last Saturday the 12th at Klub Vittula was a major success.  Sadly, the power of the dark side has struck again and we’re left with only lone image. Some say it speaks volumes…

El Ridiculoso with Manosz

Posted on 17 Nov 2011 In: DJ culture

Remiix Oliver Huntemann released

Even though Oliver Huntemann is busy touring the world from one end to the other, he found time and inspiration to prepare his fourth studio album, which is unlike anything you have heard from him before.

With the “Paranoia” album, he has yet again demonstrated why he is one of the most revered producers in the scene who is unrivaled in his ability to construct deceptively intricate yet powerful songs.

Remiix Oliver Huntemann is an interactive record that gives you access to the songs from his new album “Paranoia” as well as the tools to remix them. The sounds are arranged in four groups of sounds. Bass sounds are in channel 1, drum loops in channel 2, the main hook synths are in channel 3 and ambiance noises in channel 4. Tap any sound to hear it play in tight sync with the others. The automatically beat synced loops and the unique matrix-balanced mastering process means that whatever you do, it will always sound like it’s straight off a record.

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El Ridiculoso

The El Ridiculoso team is back to celebrate surviving 4 years with an intimate affair at Klub Vittula on Saturday, November the 12th.

For this momentous occasion, we’ve secured Dj Manosz to join residents Dr Pokoly and Bassdroid behind the mixing desk. Word on the street is they have been stocking their record bags with the tastiest ham&cheese sandwiches plus the best house and techno jams this side of the Danube.

Fonyodliget B’day Party - DJ Set 1 by Manosz

Northern Lights by Dr Pokoly

Posted on 27 Oct 2011 In: DJ culture

Remiix is in the air.

My knowledge has been tapped. I will be writing a multi-part series on the Remiix blog concerning music fans & artists, life, the universe and everything. Dig it!

For those you don’t know, Remiix is an iOS interactive album app that allows people a new way to create, consumer and distribute music. So far there are releases from Richie Hawtin as Plastikman, International Feel, Dubfire, Joris Voorn, Luna and Acquaviva & Giacomotto.

Point your browser over to my first post…Fans 2.0.

A mashup is a song created by blending two or more other songs. The more complex a mashup gets, the harder it is to distinguish the parts that are being used to create what you’re hearing.

This visualisation of the song “Definitive Daft Punk” by Cameron Adams dissects a mashup in realtime to show you how each of the 23 parts contributes to the greater whole.

Posted on 4 Oct 2011 In: DJ culture

Bill Patrick Interview on RA

There’s something so accessible about Bill that makes him so great. It easy to relate to his history and stories. Throw in a bit of his bullshit charm and you got a winner.

A New York City jock remembers the good ol’ days.

Download or Stream LINK

Bill Patrick might just be your favorite DJ’s favorite DJ. A frequent undercard to Seth Troxler, Lee Burridge, Danny Howells and plenty more, Patrick is a jock who takes the art of DJing pretty seriously—if he wasn’t too busy laughing all the time. A self-professed cynic, the New York-bred Patrick has plenty to be skeptical about these days. He lived through some of Gotham’s finest years, clubbing, trainspotting and eventually spinning at hallowed venues like Twilo, Tunnel and Limelight. But he also saw the ugly side of New York City club culture, enduring the Giuliani years by co-piloting the Robots parties and bringing international guests to town. Now in Berlin, Patrick has recently joined up with Guy Gerber’s Supplement Facts as an A&R, and continues to DJ around the world. RA’s Todd L. Burns found him content…sort of…earlier this month in the German capital.

Posted on 29 Sep 2011 In: DJ culture

All Day I Dream

I’m a huge fan of Lee Burridge…both his antics and his sound. I try to incorporate as much Lee into my daily diet as possible. This track will be Lee’s and Mathew’s first foray on their new label All Day I Dream. The honors are being done by Audiofly and the track is called Sunrise BCN.

Audiofly - Sunrise BCN - All Day I Dream 128Kbs Preview by All Day I Dream

Posted on 16 Sep 2011 In: DJ culture, Video

Neon Indian’s “Polish Girl”

Neon Indian performed “Polish Girl” against a background of abstract projected visuals that featured some of the motifs of the video, a deconstructed adaptation of the stylized aesthetics developed by Nackashi. The performance even featured some fancy light painting work, which according to Fallon “has never been seen before on television,” that appears around the 4:20 mark.